Our Purpose

The Lake County Juvenile Justice Council:

  • provides a forum for the development of a community-based interagency assessment of the local juvenile justice system;
  • develops a county juvenile justice plan for the prevention of juvenile delinquency;
  • makes recommendations to the County Board for more effectively utilizing existing community resources for juveniles; and
  • promotes and effectuates cooperation and coordination between the court and agencies and departments involved in the juvenile justice system.


For a complete list of our upcoming events, click here.

Quarterly Meeting

The next JJC Quarterly Meeting will be held June 5, 2024 at 1P via Zoom. Click here to download the agenda.


For current updates and status of each pending bill, click here.

HB 2347

HB 2347 – Currently in Senate – This bill will raise the age of detention from 10 to 13.

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